Diversity Exchange Forum Feedback!

The feedback we receive from our guest attendee’s, conference speakers, volunteers, and members is vitally important to us…and we hear you! Your survey responses matter and we would like to confidentially share some of the feedback with others.

In October 2015, we introduced the Diversity Coalition of Delaware and its Steering Committee. Fully supported by the National Board of NAAAHR and many local Corporate supporters; including W.L. Gore & Associates, Christiana Care Health Systems, AARP, Nanticoke Health Services, University of Delaware, Goeins-Williams Associates, Inc., and the United Way of Delaware. Best of all, the conference received its most memorable simulcast by Delaware Senator Chris Coons.

Chris Coons

Slide FinalThe October 2014 Diversity Exchange Forum: Knowledge Sharing Across Generations – Past, Present, Future opened our eyes and understanding from perspective of all 4 Generations currently in the workforce. Not only was this event deliberately focused on new trends that followed past experiences; but it also became one of the most riviting diversity conferences we have held to date.

Guest Response: I am proud to say I’m a “FOJ”. He was awesome. It seemed that everyone was in awe at his “testimony” of coming up through the ranks. Now he is President/CEO of SanTech Global Solutions – his way of giving back is to make sure your black professionals always have access to him! Joe seems to think about the young person just graduating college or high school, looking for their first job in IT. He expressed how he would always make sure that young person had someone like him to mentor, teach, and support on their career path. Now that’s the definition of “success” in my mind.

Guest Response: The Executive Panel were great. I loved seeing the two college students sitting among executives in such deep discussion. You don’t see that everyday and hopefully these students were able to learn something as well as feel a sense of contribution to the discussion.

Guest Response:  Now that was rather fun (ref: the 50/50 Discussion). A good segway from the panel discussion to a non-traditional “sofa interview” conversation. I think Alexander could have been a little more open minded. But Dr. Whitaker took a handle and pulse of the audience at large. It seems that his level of education and “walking the talk” lend tremendous value to the discussion. And Erika kept them focused! Great job.

Guest Response: I think the entire conference was great, from start to finish. I have attended a few other diversity conference and some can be a bit overwhelming and rushed. This team seems to take their time to make sure everyone “gets something” out of the conference. Those “ah ha” moments come out and you then realize someone else had the same “ah ha” moment you just had. Again, great job everyone.

New 2013 DEF Photo w HRCIThe September 2013 Diversity Exchange Forum was one of the most challenging conferences we’ve had. It’s theme was “Faith Based Associates and LGBT Employees” coming together and collaborating on what Diversity and Inclusion means in the workplace. Added to the theme, we challenged the question of “when did Diversity become real to you”.

We asked the participants several questions in the survey, one of which was “What stood out to you the most during this Diversity Exchange Forum?”

Guest Response:  How everyone could speak openly and honestly and not worry about people not understanding where you were coming from. Everyones voice was heard which was great.

Guest Response: Comraderie of the attendees. Everyone was so open, welcoming, and friendly… Truly passionate about diversity! The NAAAHR leadership is quite strong… I enjoyed hearing from them and talking to them over 2 days together.

Guest Response: The transparency of the participants. Honesty and networking. S. Renee Smith’s facilitative style was great for drawing out information, thoughts, & opinions.

Guest Reponse: Having a comfortable forum for every to be valued and share their insight, wisdom and experience. The level of openness of the audience. It is rare to achieve this with people that don’t know each other.

We also asked attendees to provide feedback for Governor Jack Markell, who made a great impression on everyone in the audience.

Jack Markell

Guest Response: Awesome that he came and interacted with us. He didn’t just give a speech.  His topic was very relevant.

Guest Response: I was very happy to have him join us and I liked what I learned about Delaware’s investment in early childhood development, particularly the “Purchase of Care” program.

Guest Response: Made me want to move to DE! He was very personable and informative of the strides DE is making.

Guest Response: I was pleased that the DE Governor committed such a length of time to meet & discuss with NAAAHR.  I am thankful that Carl Jefferson shifted the conversation from NAAAHR responding to his question asking for immediate suggestions to how the dialogue with the Governor’s office can continue.

Guest Response: In a word – fantastic! It was such an honor having Governor Markell attend the conference and speak to the audience. Many people said he spoke to us and not at us. I hope NAAAHR and WL Gore seize the opportunity to partner and work with Gov. Markell in the future.

2013 Diversity Exchange ForumThe March 2013 Diversity Exchange Forum “Passion Drives Results” had such a great impact with a ton of data, research, and shared practices through each portion of the 2-day conference. All speakers and attendees collectively expressed their “want for more” as each portion of the conference could have continued beyond the time allotted.

Speakers from Lee Hecht Harrison, PHI/Delmarva and W.L. Gore & Associates were phenomenal, not to mention the National President of NAAAHR Mr. William Rolack, Comcast’s Diversity Offier Ms. Andrea Agnew, and Independent Consultant Ms. Pamela Green who overwhelmed us all with National and International Diversity awareness.

So we asked the attendees “Were there any speakers or presentations that left an impact on you?” Here are a few of the responses.

Guest Response: Andrea Agnew – I really enjoyed her dynamic presentation style. I also really connected with her story, so I like that she told her whole story, not just her career story.

Guest Response: William Rolack was awesome – I learned a lot from him. But I think Robert Grasty was a bit too personal and didn’t talk enough about PHI’s way of improving diversity.

Guest Response: The exercise in putting yourself in someone else’s shoes was very powerful and seemed to bring everyone together to recognize we are all in the same boat.

We want to thank everyone for their feedback and responses. While we cannot post all, and will always keep the responses confidential, we use every participants feedback to improve our Diversity Exchange Forums.